Online Reputation Management

The current world has gone digital. Everyone should now believe that everything is Digital and Digital is everything. For the popular figures (Celebrities, Businesses, Political Parties), it has become necessary to maintain an online presence, and the main ting is, the presence has to be Positive.

Online Reputation Management service can give you or your brand a new way to explore the heights online. A better reputation can result in more fans for celebrities and more loyal customers for businesses.

Online reputation management process contains of a lot of things, depending upon the service provider and their strategy, costumers get the results. Haklu, takes care of the whole online reputation management process by making the right strategy, implementing the same with right amount of efforts and achieving the targeted results.

Haklu balances the aggressive promotion and sensible planning to get the best results for the clients. The client list of Haklu includes some of the pioneers in the industry.

Does online reputation matter?

Various studies have proved that online reputation starts right from the Search ENGINES. 90% of the customers search Google for your product and brand and the initial decision comes from the search page.

Does your business have a proper search Engine Listing?Do you have proper amount of positive reviews? (more than 70% of visitors give importance to genuine reviews and their decision might change if they see any bad review about your product)

Does your brand have convincing social media profiles with enough details about the company?

Are the social profiles linked with the search engine results?

A better online reputation includes a lot more aspects and the team at Haklu is very well committed to consider every single point to make your brand grow more and better.

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