Top 5 most effective ways to increase website traffic

Getting tons of traffic has always been a dream for every webmaster. Some are successful in achieving that, whereas some keep experimenting with various stuff to get some traffic and do not succeed or take very long to get there. Over the years, experts have been suggesting various ways to increase website traffic, however, all the tricks do not work for everybody out there.

In this post, I am going to talk about the most effective ways to generate traffic for your website. These tricks will not need a lot of technical expertise, and still, will help you get a lot of traffic. The only condition is, you will need to implement them well.

Internal linking of most linked and highest ranked pages :

Time and again, experts have had different views on the impact of internal and external linking. Whatever the views be, no one has ever underestimated the power of smart linking.

In order to get the most out your website, the first think you will need to do is to make two separate lists. One should contain the pages which are highly ranked on search engines (the pages might be on 2nd or 3rd page of Google) and the second should contain the list of the pages which have been linked the most by external websites. This information can be collected by playing with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools and a link tracking tool like Ahrefs or SEMRush.

Once you have the list ready, start linking the highest ranked pages from the pages which have the highest number of links pointing at them. This will pass some good link juice to the pages which are ranking on 2nd or 3rd pages. Once that starts to show results, the rankings will boost up. However, never try this in access, a page getting links from hundreds of your site pages, might look suspicious to search engines and it might work more bad than good. Being smart is they key here, have a proper strategy to link all your important pages, without being too aggressive.

Have a properly formatted description for search engines

Experts have often debated on the amount of importance meta description has on the search engine rankings. While it has been proven that search engines do not give too much of importance to meta description, it is also a fact that before clicking on a particular link in search engine, users do quickly check out the description to check the formatting and to make sure that the description includes the searched keywords.

A lot of webmasters aggressively stuff the keywords in the meta description to attract visitors, but that does not work in most cases. One of the bloggers I follow came out with an amazing piece of advice for the descriptions. According to him, you can look up for description ideas with the advertisement on top of search engines when you search for the targeted keywords. These advertisers spend a lot of money in getting the description right and you can surely save that money and effort by following their description because they make it look catchy to attract visitors and the same can be done by you too.

Focus on referral traffic

Traffic from referring sources has never been given the due credits. Reason? Because it does not include too much of an effort. However, it is one of the best sources to get targeted traffic to your website. My trick to get referral traffic is a very simple yet effective one.

Once you are trying to get the referral traffic, first of all, make a list of most popular websites in your niche or the websites from which you want the referral traffic. This is a very simple process and should not need too much of an effort or time. Once you have the list handy, write a detailed blog post and include all of them in the list. The blog post could be something with a title of “top websites to follow in your niche”.

The content here remains the key. You are dealing with some of the most authoritative websites in your niche, so make sure you employ your best writer to write the post. Link all the websites from the post and make sure to do follow them. That way, you will be able to get the attention and trust of the website owner. Promote the article aggressively on your social media channels and then reach out to those website owners with an email, tweet, Facebook message to notify them that you have included them in the list.

Most of the times, out of courtesy, the website owner will link you back or write a separate blog post to mention that they have been featured as an authority website in the particular niche. This will give you long lasting referral traffic.

Sponsor an Infographic

Over the last few years, Infographics have made their way to the top as one of the best sources to gather information. Websites look for informative infographics to feature. However, the fact which goes against is that making an infographic needs too much of an effort and time. Also, it does cost a lot if you outsource the infographic, sometimes running into thousands of dollars.

One of the best ways to get traffic through this way is to co-brand the infographic. Just reach out to 2-3 websites which are the best in your niche. Write them a detailed email enquiring if they will be interested in a co-branded a infographic. Now the secret lies in co-branding. There are millions of infographics on the internet and no-one bets an eye. However, an original infographic with the logo of a website is ever pleasing.

Just search for a hot keyword in your niche. Provided, you are targeting a website in your own niche. Take ideas from the most popular blog posts written on the topic and hire a designer from odesk or freelancer to turn the idea into reality. You can try to post 1 infographic on 2-3 different websites. However, make sure that the number does not exceed, or you will lose the credibility and the trust.

Once you have the infographic ready, reach out to the websites and make them feature it with a link to your website. If the website you have chosen is popular, chances are more that the same infographic will be published by various other bloggers. Have an image check on Google to find out other websites using your infographic and reach out to them asking for a link if they haven’t already done that. This will create an ever lasting cycle of referral traffic as well as a lot of new links from the websites in your niche.

Write posts with long tail keywords having low competition

While looking to get traffic, one can never ignore the importance of regularly updated fresh content on the website. Though you might be having tough time ranking for highly competitive keywords, search for the long tail keywords having low competition. Again, tools like Google Webmasters and Ahrefs will come to your rescue.

Once you have the list of keywords, start writing regular posts on those keywords and make sure you have 2-5 links pointing at them the moment they go live. Also, do not forget to share them on your social media channels. This will start creating the reputation for your content and the domain.

Long tail keywords can be the real game changer if you rank for a few of them in a few weeks time. They do not have too much of the competition and at the same time, are very easy to rank.

So these were the ways which I use effectively to generate traffic to my websites. If you have any query, feel free to write in the comment section and I will reply back within hours.


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