Google updates Page Layout Algorithm {Confirmed}

As a part of the regular algorithm update schedule, Google came up with a new update to target some of the websites which do not comply with Google Page Layout guidelines.\r\n\r\nThis algorithm was first launched back in January 2012. According to the Inside Search official blog, the main aim for the team at Google is to provide quality content to the search engine users. If someone clicks on a website in search engines and after moving to the webpage, he need to scroll down a few levels just to see the content, then it is a violation to Google’s page layout policy.\r\n\r\nMore advertisements in the above fold (before the actual content starts) attract unnecessary clicks from the visitors and that violates Google Adsense policy as well. Now, Adsense team can not look onto the design of every single web page, the search team came up with the page layout algorithm.\r\n

Google Algorithm

\r\nIn the latest update, the percent of search results affecting is not yet clear. However, it is expected to be announced by Google once the algorithm is rolled out completely. (We might wait for another week to know the exact results).\r\n\r\nThe algorithm was rolled out on Feb 06, that means most of the search results which were on the risk, have already been affected. So, if you have noticed a drop in the traffic after 6th February, then it is the high time you take action to change the page layout. Make sure not to use many advertisements before the content (Maximum of one advertisement in the header and another one somewhere around the title would be more than enough for Google to not suspect you again.



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