Facebook organic page reach on a decline!

The brand pages on Facebook have seen a lot of decline in the reach of their updates in last few weeks. However, Facebook has not claimed anything yet, but is is well known that Facebook has been doing this since a long time now to promote advertisers on the biggest ever social network platform.

The decline in organic reach of posts on Facebook pages is not a new thing to experience for the page owners. The decline was actually started back in 2012 when reportedly the reach for a single post was about 62% which kept on declining until it reached a mere 2% in 2014.

The decline is surely something not very great for people owning pages on Facebook. Specially after considering the fact that even to reach out to people who are already connected to a fan page, owners will have to pay money now.Facebook declining page reach

This might just be fine for the brands who can afford to sponsor every single update posted on their fan page, but there are millions of those people who have no extra earning and they have Facebook pages just to reach out to more people online, including aspirant dancers, singers and comedians. For sure, the people in the second category will have no other choice than to leave Facebook and opt for another Social Network to keep in touch with their fans.The

The whole model of declined organics page reach on Facebook has been designed and implemented too perfectly that it took over 2 years to get implemented. The only motive behind everything was to make Facebook more profitable, but it might just turn out to be a backfiring decision for the decision-making team at Facebook because according to updates, more than a million teenagers have left Facebook in last 2 years. There is no idea yet that where this would lead to, but Facebook is going to lose some of the loyal customers and users for sure.

Stay tuned for more updates! 🙂



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