Digital Marketing Trends for 2014


DM 1\r\n\r\nThere was an era when physical presence of a business was mandatory. Any buyer would first visit the store, check the quality, compare the prices, take the users’ experience and finally choose the product. There was no concept of Brands vs. non Brands. The choices were very limited and Word of Mouth was the best marketing tool. This powerful tool would either build your reputation or spoil your existence. People would recommend shops and stores based on their experience. They would also inspect the product and take the services on trial basis without any hitch. The buyer & seller relatively shared a good bond. If there had been a purchase of High end product, the entire village would be aware of it & people would visit the house to have a look & feel of the Product. There wasn’t any challenge to promote a brand perfect correlation existed among Demand & Supply. People purchased things that were available in the market and manufacturers would produce goods as per the market.\r\n\r\nI still remember Onida was the first choice of people while purchasing a Television. Usha (sewing Machine) was the pride of every woman. Kodak cameras were associated with building memories. But today the mere presence of these brands have vanished .The birth of new brands with lucrative features have lured the society. A huge revolution has taken place in the buying & purchasing pattern of the society leading to a tremendous change in the functioning of the company. Every brand is competing with itself trying to be more creative & innovative. Many companies kill their own brands and re launch a new brand with new versions & features just to retain their customers. The thought of losing the Market share had always threatened the company. Thus, every company is making its presence globally. Survival of the fittest is the trend.\r\n\r\nDigital Marketing plays a vital role in making a brand successful. Today, most of the purchases are online .The e commerce business is booming & is growing at 40% per year. The Venture Capitalists are more keen in investing in e-commerce business. Big Players like flipkart, eBay, amazon, snapdeal e.t.c are flourishing and engulfing the traditional market. Their reach is globally and hence 2 & 3 Tier cities equally receive the services. Around 60% of online buying comes from top 10 cities & 40% from smaller town. The ratio earlier was 80:20. Thus the market is digitalized.\r\n\r\nwhat-is-digital-marketing\r\n

 9 Digital Marketing Trends :



  1. Content Marketing would still rule the Market. A great content will always be the best way to stamp the authority & earn more customers’ trust & loyalty.
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  3.  91% of adults have access to their mobile phones 24/7. Thus there would be growth in multimedia directly being delivered to the user’s mobile based on their location (via GPS technology). It’s informative & timely.
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  5. Desktops will be substituted with mobiles & tablets as mobile googling would become more acceptable by people leading to an increase in the mobile advertisement in 2014.
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  7. The number of Social Media users’ wills be increasing in the coming year. Thus the companies will make their presence in several social media networks to be associated with their customers and to prevent their brand from fading away.
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  9. The more fans & followers a brand has, the better it is. The standard way to do this is via the ‘share’ button.  But in future, the brands would also keep a track on the competitors’ sites to understand their social presence and their activities.
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  11. The tremendous growth of infographics, Instagram and Vine reinforce the fact that we’re reading less and watching more. Visual media will dominate the market in 2014.
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  13. Images and pictures attract more traffic to a brand. There would be appropriate ALT/Meta tags with every visual in future.
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  15. In 2014, Google+ and slide share would be a regular marketing tool for spreading content & Social Sharing.
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  17. Re- marketing will be popular in 2014. It will allow the brands to target the customers who visited the site but did not get converted. Thus, one can display the products/services on sites which they visit regularly.
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\r\nThus , the companies have be updated to reap the benefits of Digital Marketing as the trends are changing with the change in the Market.The brands need to upgrade their strategies and frame new policies to meet the upgraded Market. The tricks that worked in 2013 will no longer hold the same position in 2014,threatening the companies to be more prepared.



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