PageRank is DEAD, Announces Google

PageRank is DEAD, Announces Google

The long list of rumors and expectations around Google PageRank seems to have ended. According to an official blog post which came out yesterday, Google stated that PageRank score will never be updated again.

Google PageRank

The last pagerank update, was around in December 2013. According to Google, that just came out when they were updating the database and the update was not official, if that update is not taken into consideration, then the last PageRank update came over a year back.

Google has not been very keen on updating the PageRank. In a lot of search engine algorithms which came out, Google has very well stated that PageRank is not important fr the Search Engine Rankings and hence, they asked the webmasters to focus more on the domain authority, page authority and content.

Over the years transformation of SEO

Over the years transformation of SEO

The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization), has been around ever since Search Engines became popular. At the time, there were very few web pages to crawl and rank onto the search engines.

However, with time, number of online URLs and pages increased exponentially, spamming increased and it became very difficult for the websites to survive on the top of a search engine and that was time time, Search Engine Strategies came into existence.

SEO 2014 banner

Time has changed a lot. As a result, there are billions of websites online competing for that #1 position on search engines for respective keywords. So called SEO experts are trying their level best to get there on the top and stay. However, that is not possible for every website online.

Talking about the Search Engine Rankings gets us to a term called strategy. What should be the strategy implemented while working on a SEO project is still a tough question to answer, reason being, the continuous change in the search engine algorithms to filter out the spammed content out of the search engine index.

SEO, over the years

Transformation of SEO

Search Engine Optimization started when there were no proper websites. Dynamic websites with keyword in the URL and title were enough to get onto the first page as well as on the first rank. Well, with the time, this approach changed, then came a time when websites having most number of backlinks started to rank.

Websites with most number of backlinks continued to rank for a long time until the search engines felt a need to filter and decide about the kind of backlinks which were authentic and genuine. That gave birth to a new term called Search Engine Algorithm. In the process of filtering out the spam links, Search Engines marked a lot of websites as spam.

After the authenticity of the plugins, Google came up with the reviews and social counts, speed of the website, nature of the other websites hosted on the same server and a lot more things which are not available as a list of 200 factors to rank a content on Google.

SEO is just transformed, SEO can’t be dead

A lot of people have been telling for a while now, about the craze of SEO is going down. Well, a lot of people still say that SEO is completely dead and it has been replaced by various SMO techniques.

However, if the trends and case studies are to be considered, then it becomes completely clear that SEO is not dead yet, only the techniques used for SEO have been changed over the years.

Spamming a web page with millions of backlinks is not a constant solution for ranking a web page, however, a strategy to have a few authority links with considerable presence on Social Media can help you get to the first page of Google.

I will be back with some case studies later, stay tuned.

Facebook organic page reach on a decline!

Facebook organic page reach on a decline!

The brand pages on Facebook have seen a lot of decline in the reach of their updates in last few weeks. However, Facebook has not claimed anything yet, but is is well known that Facebook has been doing this since a long time now to promote advertisers on the biggest ever social network platform.

The decline in organic reach of posts on Facebook pages is not a new thing to experience for the page owners. The decline was actually started back in 2012 when reportedly the reach for a single post was about 62% which kept on declining until it reached a mere 2% in 2014.

The decline is surely something not very great for people owning pages on Facebook. Specially after considering the fact that even to reach out to people who are already connected to a fan page, owners will have to pay money now.

Facebook declining page reach

This might just be fine for the brands who can afford to sponsor every single update posted on their fan page, but there are millions of those people who have no extra earning and they have Facebook pages just to reach out to more people online, including aspirant dancers, singers and comedians. For sure, the people in the second category will have no other choice than to leave Facebook and opt for another Social Network to keep in touch with their fans.

The whole model of declined organics page reach on Facebook has been designed and implemented too perfectly that it took over 2 years to get implemented. The only motive behind everything was to make Facebook more profitable, but it might just turn out to be a backfiring decision for the decision making team at Facebook because according to updates, more than a million teenagers have left Facebook in last 2 years.

There is no idea yet that where this would lead to, but Facebook is going to lose some of the loyal customers and users for sure.

Stay tuned for more updates! 🙂

Importance Of  Blogs For An Organization

Importance Of Blogs For An Organization


Blogging is considered as one of the most effective Marketing tools. It was optional earlier, as company’s’ were engaged with other digital media & social media for Brand building & information sharing. Facebook & Twitter engaged the customers with various options & offers.  The online presence was managed by these social Media tools & companies weren’t keen in Blog creation. With the rising consumer demands & increasing online businesses, the companys’ were forced to focus on the need of blogging.  Today every website considers an opportunity to have a company blog. One has to be better than the competitors in every possible way. The customers’ researches various products & services before their final purchase & efforts has to be taken by the brands to retain them as single time purchase doesn’t ensure brand loyalty.

There is always a threat of losing the client base as competition always keeps an eye. There is a craze for First Mover Advantage. I would like to quote the example of Mobile Phone industry. India has witnessed a tremendous growth in mobile phone users in these recent years. India being the second largest mobile phone user in the world with over 900 million users, accounts for over 10% of online population. None of us would have imagined a world where the baby would have been welcomed in the world with a mobile click or a ring tone. Such is the power of Consumers.Thus the company’s’ are going digital in every way, spending millions of dollars to maintain thy reputation. Blogging is one such tool which will earn a brand, huge fan following with an increased bottom line.


Benefits of having a Company Blog:

1 .It acts as a catalyst for SEO, resulting in higher rankings. The Search Engines prefers new content thereby increasing the website visibility.

2. It helps you to manage your Social Media Presence by making it more interactive. The users can like, share, review, comment on the post thus providing genuine feedback to the company.

3. It gives an insight about your products & services to the general mass without wasting much time.

4. It is a great platform to share the knowledge with the public. The company can update about the new products, revised versions, upcoming launches e.t.c.

5. It not only generates the Traffic but also engages the customers on the site. The users will get an additional page to update themselves.

6. Blogs helps in reducing the bounce rate.

7. Blogs are user friendly & cost effective. One just need to be creative to run the blogs and can save millions of dollars spent on advertisement.

8. It helps you to build a rapport with the customers, prospects & industry peers by encouraging 2 way communication.

The company’s’ that are tuned in with blogging are already reaping the fruits. Its high time for the company’s’ to start their own blog who are yet to give a thought about it.

Please give us your valuable feedback on the necessity of blogs for an organization.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

DM 1

There was an era when physical presence of a business was mandatory. Any buyer would first visit the store, check the quality, compare the prices, take the users’ experience and finally choose the product. There was no concept of Brands vs. non Brands. The choices were very limited and Word of Mouth was the best marketing tool. This powerful tool would either build your reputation or spoil your existence. People would recommend shops and stores based on their experience. They would also inspect the product and take the services on trial basis without any hitch. The buyer & seller relatively shared a good bond. If there had been a purchase of High end product, the entire village would be aware of it & people would visit the house to have a look & feel of the Product. There wasn’t any challenge to promote a brand perfect correlation existed among Demand & Supply. People purchased things that were available in the market and manufacturers would produce goods as per the market.

I still remember Onida was the first choice of people while purchasing a Television. Usha (sewing Machine) was the pride of every woman. Kodak cameras were associated with building memories. But today the mere presence of these brands have vanished .The birth of new brands with lucrative features have lured the society. A huge revolution has taken place in the buying & purchasing pattern of the society leading to a tremendous change in the functioning of the company. Every brand is competing with itself trying to be more creative & innovative. Many companies kill their own brands and re launch a new brand with new versions & features just to retain their customers. The thought of losing the Market share had always threatened the company. Thus, every company is making its presence globally. Survival of the fittest is the trend.

Digital Marketing plays a vital role in making a brand successful. Today, most of the purchases are online .The e commerce business is booming & is growing at 40% per year. The Venture Capitalists are more keen in investing in e-commerce business. Big Players like flipkart, eBay, amazon, snapdeal e.t.c are flourishing and engulfing the traditional market. Their reach is globally and hence 2 & 3 Tier cities equally receive the services. Around 60% of online buying comes from top 10 cities & 40% from smaller town. The ratio earlier was 80:20. Thus the market is digitalized.


 9 Digital Marketing Trends :

  1. Content Marketing would still rule the Market. A great content will always be the best way to stamp the authority & earn more customers’ trust & loyalty.
  2.  91% of adults have access to their mobile phones 24/7. Thus there would be growth in multimedia directly being delivered to the user’s mobile based on their location (via GPS technology). It’s informative & timely.
  3. Desktops will be substituted with mobiles & tablets as mobile googling would become more acceptable by people leading to an increase in the mobile advertisement in 2014.
  4. The number of Social Media users’ wills be increasing in the coming year. Thus the companies will make their presence in several social media networks to be associated with their customers and to prevent their brand from fading away.
  5. The more fans & followers a brand has, the better it is. The standard way to do this is via the ‘share’ button.  But in future, the brands would also keep a track on the competitors’ sites to understand their social presence and their activities.
  6. The tremendous growth of infographics, Instagram and Vine reinforce the fact that we’re reading less and watching more. Visual media will dominate the market in 2014.
  7. Images and pictures attract more traffic to a brand. There would be appropriate ALT/Meta tags with every visual in future.
  8. In 2014, Google+ and slide share would be a regular marketing tool for spreading content & Social Sharing.
  9. Re- marketing will be popular in 2014. It will allow the brands to target the customers who visited the site but did not get converted. Thus, one can display the products/services on sites which they visit regularly.

Thus , the companies have be updated to reap the benefits of Digital Marketing as the trends are changing with the change in the Market.The brands need to upgrade their strategies and frame new policies to meet the upgraded Market. The tricks that worked in 2013 will no longer hold the same position in 2014,threatening the companies to be more prepared.

Google updates Page Layout Algorithm {Confirmed}

Google updates Page Layout Algorithm {Confirmed}

As a part of the regular algorithm update schedule, Google came up with a new update to target some of the websites which do not comply with Google Page Layout guidelines.

This algorithm was first launched back in January 2012. According to the Inside Search official blog, the main aim for the team at Google is to provide quality content to the search engine users. If someone clicks on a website in search engines and after moving to the webpage, he need to scroll down a few levels just to see the content, then it is a violation to Google’s page layout policy.

More advertisements in the above fold (before the actual content starts) attract unnecessary clicks from the visitors and that violates Google Adsense policy as well. Now, Adsense team can not look onto the design of every single web page, the search team came up with the page layout algorithm.

Google Algorithm

In the latest update, the percent of search results affecting is not yet clear. However, it is expected to be announced by Google once the algorithm is rolled out completely. (We might wait for another week to know the exact results).

The algorithm was rolled out on Feb 06, that means most of the search results which were on the risk, have already been affected. So, if you have noticed a drop in the traffic after 6th February, then it is the high time you take action to change the page layout. Make sure not to use many advertisements before the content (Maximum of one advertisement in the header and another one somewhere around the title would be more than enough for Google to not suspect you again.

Is SEO still effective?

Is SEO still effective?

There has been a lot of buzz around the word SEO since a bit of time. Ever since Matt Cutts announced that Guest Posts for SEO are dead now and Google web spam team is taking action against all those people who used thin content via guest posting to get authority to their blogs.

Before that, there was a trend on twitter and other social networking sites stating that SEO is DEAD. The fact may or may not be true. Let’s get into a little detail about the same.

I have personal experience of seeing hundreds of bloggers giving up after getting hit by one of the Google Search Engine algorithms. All they had to say was,

“I had optimized my blog properly. I was building quality links, I was posting guest articles regularly, than why did I get hit”??

This doubt has been there among a lot of other people. I have even seen blogs with over a few thousand posts getting diminished somewhere in millions of blogs. Seeing that kind of scenario, anyone would get the doubt.


My answer to that would be a No. SEO has always been a strong pillar in making search engines popular. However, I might agree to the point that SEO techniques have changed a lot, but the word Search Engine Optimization still exists.

Guest posting for seo

Let me try taking some of the real life examples and the statements by some of the famous SEO experts.

After the famous Guest Post algorithm, Matt Cutts stated in a blog post that

People are taking it in a different way. Guest posting has been one of the most loved factors in blogging and SEO industry and Google is very much okay with that. However, the bloggers or webmasters, who were taking advantage of guest blogging links by posting some thin content on other blogs will be targeted.

A post at a famous SEO blog stated,

There is nothing like SEO does not work work anymore. The only thing is, SEO technique has changed to a greater extent. More than the blogs and Wiki Links, the thing which matters is the Social exposure and social links.

I will be writing in more details in upcoming posts. Make sure to leave your comments to let me know what do you think about SEO. Is it really dead or it is still working for you?

The Blog is here

The Blog is here

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